Cold Fusion: A Scientific Look

With Leonardo Corporation’s Energy Catalyzer (E-Cat) machine, purported to be able to perform cold fusion, just introduced to the public less than a month ago, the world is buzzing about the prospect of cold fusion.  Without any doubt, cold fusion, if possible, would be the greatest discovery in all of mankind’s history.  But, what exactly is the science […]

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Cold Fusion Machine Revealed: A Step Towards Free Energy

Just a week ago, Italian inventor and physicist Andrea Rossi demonstrated his new cold fusion machine, known as the E-Cat (short for Energy Catalyzer), in public.  His experiment was conducted in front of hundreds of people at the University of Bologna in Italy.  The E-Cat demonstrated a very strange reaction that does not fit with modern-day […]

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An Introduction To The Cold Fusion Experiments

You may have heard of the “cold fusion” experiments, which are extremely popular amongst conspiracy theorists today hypothesizing that they may have discovered the true potential of fusion energy.  But what exactly is cold fusion technology, and how does it relate to the Element X Fusion conspiracy.  And, is it possible that Element X Fusion […]

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