Element X Fusion: The Energy Conspiracy

Imagine a world with free energy.  Without oppressive energy corporations dominating the world economy.  Without multinational oil companies dominating the life of all those around the world.  This isn’t a far-off fictional dream; this is reality if the power of Element X Fusion technology were to be released to the world, for all to use […]

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The Men In Black: Who Are They?

We’ve been following the recent developments in the story of the Energy Catalyzer, the E-Cat, which supposedly provides free energy through cold fusion so closely that we haven’t seemed to have much time recently to post any information about other topics related to the Element X Fusion conspiracy. I hope today’s post on the Men […]

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Cold Fusion Machine Revealed: A Step Towards Free Energy

Just a week ago, Italian inventor and physicist Andrea Rossi demonstrated his new cold fusion machine, known as the E-Cat (short for Energy Catalyzer), in public.  His experiment was conducted in front of hundreds of people at the University of Bologna in Italy.  The E-Cat demonstrated a very strange reaction that does not fit with modern-day […]

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The Conspiracy Behind Element X Fusion Technology

Considering the enormous technical difficulties and obstacles needed to overcome before such a device could be built, one might write off the possibility of fusion power.  Fusion power? Nah. Too good to be true. That’s actually exactly what we thought, until we stumbled upon files which hinted at the possibility of fusion energy being able […]

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Welcome to Everyone!

Hello everybody – today is the day we’ve finally decided to release this information through this website. We are aware that we have many Coast to Coast AM listeners interested in this issue, and are now following our website.  Welcome to all Coast to Coast listeners – we both frequently listen to C2C as well and we […]

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